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Learning a foreign language is a challenging experience. During our different experiences trough the language acquisition we have had struggles, at the time of memorize new vocabulary and grammar.

There is a lot of useful methods and digital tools available to make easier that challenge, but unfortunately almost every tool out there requires the vision of the user, in order to see the content itself, even the simplest ones like Flashcards.

That's why we decided to elaborate and design Neltume, which means in Mapudungun to become free, an Open Source Hardware tool that will help people with low vision or blindness to memorize new words and phrases on a foreign language.


In the first phase of the project, We will focus on people whose mother tongue is Spanish and want to learn English and it will cover:

  • Learn and review the pronunciation of the alphabet
  • Learn and review of words in English.

The Software has been programmed with Python 3.4, which will be execute it in a Raspberry Pi.

The voices of the menu and options are, in the meantime from IBM Bluemix Text to Speech Software.

Open Source

We believe in Open Source. It generates the opportunity to create a community around the device, who can actively participate in the development of it. Not only seeing the outputs of it, but also the “guts”. We are currently using Github to save all the code.

We are documenting the development process on Development Logs

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