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Log2: Beginning of the Software adventure

I have started developing a simple script and tried how to play sounds with python. I found MPG123,an open source alternative that plays sounds trough the terminal. One of the available alternatives is to use the Subprocess library and the function Popen to run it from Python. I pretend to use for Prototype A arcade buttons, specially those alike to Sanwa buttons. They arrived in 3 weeks, in the meantime I will use the following setup, simulating the buttons. So, I need to be able to indentify every time when the user type a character on the Keyboard. And I found, after some iterations, the excellent library py-getch, which can be download with pip ($pip install py-getch). I'm going to save all the data on JSON files, which are directly human-legible with a simple text editor.

On the other hand, the structure of the menu will follow the structure of the chart. Before some one could learn new words, one needs to learn the alphabet in order to keep going. But how are going to be processed the words and characters after learned?

Installation of the Software

If you want to try by yourself what is actually in Neltume and how is going, you need:

  1. Distro Linux installed or in a virtual machine
  2. install MPG123 (apt-get install mpg123 for Debian distros) it is the player that can play music through the terminal
  3. py-getch (to catch the characters of the keyboard) (pip3 install py-getch)
  4. execute the script named (python3 inside the folder of Neltume)
  5. If you want to add more vocabulary I have set the visual tools for adding new words and to view the actual words and obviously you can modify directly from the .json files.
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